You all can thank my incredible future wife for blogging today. She has a habit of getting ahead of me and it gets me motivated. To be honest I had her do the picture for my original choice a couple weeks ago. I really hated the look I went with…not a fan of Phoenix Rising. The boys over at Zanzo saved the blogging day by sending me a bit of a prim surprise. Check out the Origami Cowl Neck shirt. I absolutely love the layered double tee look. Grandma Gigante always said a gentleman wears an undershirt. I try to hold to that line of thinking in her memory, but sometimes my manly chesticles are needing to burst at the seams. I was able to put on this piece of hotness without much adjustment. If you have still failed in getting over to Zanzo, you suck massively. Yes, I said it. Now this blog is a bit short, but I am in Vegas this weekend strutting my turntablism.  If I had this shirt in real life, I would so be sporting it tonight.



Where to go:

Zanzo – Shirt – Origami Cowl Neck


Ok, so the next two colors coming up are probably the two most popular colors in Second life. Today my little darlings we are doing black. This color is associated with many things. When you think of black for some it brings thoughts of mourning, emo, goth, death, or that fabulous sale known as Black Friday. Well folks when I think of black, I think of hot, nasty sex. Yep, there you have it. For this fashion I had sex on the brain. Now before my sisters let out a unison “ewwwwww”, think about it. When you dress your avatar with sexiness in mind we see a lot of black.

Ever heard of Hedo? Well, neither had I. What a quality store. I found the Savana Pant in black, and had to have it. The texture of the pants remind me of Jim Morrison. The belt prim really fits nicely and has a resize script. The pant cuffs are mod, and I did change mine up a little. I think it is very considerate of designers to allow mod, because let’s face it, not all avatars are created equally. Everything with these pants fit together very nicely. They do come in other colors. I have a feeling this store will become popular very quickly. They do have unisex and female fashion as well. For my fashion daring peeps, go check them out.

Where To Go:

HEDO – Pants – Black Savana

I love green! I know I have mentioned before that green is my favorite color and in any shade. It was a nice break from the various shades of shitty brown I have had to cope with lately. Finally, some color back in my life. Today I am only blogging the shirt I got, because the pants are my simply fabulous parachute pants I found, and I am so not telling you where I got them from. I am a selfish bish like that…DEAL. Now, on with the show…

I just have to ask guys, who doesn’t like skanks? Before my future wifey to be, and sisters, start the smack down on me I am talking about the store Skankz Inc. not the salivating vaginas  you find at every turn in Second Life. Skankz is one of those stores I had not been to, or heard of before. Those are my favorite types of stores. Seriously guys…there is life beyond KMADD. You have to be a little adventurous and take some time to explore. Skankz has a great deal of unisex clothing. I might classify the style as Emo Gangsta. Yes! See how I come up with this stuff? You can find the skinny pant as well as the baggy sweats. The colors are not too bright, but it is not all black either. I went with the Green Sweater. It is simple and the right color. It comes complete with scripted prims for ease in fitting. This is one of the few prim bottom attachments I like, because I do not look as if I am hiding a beer belly, or a pregnant man. Both a win in my humble opinion. The style inside the store is also fitting for the smaller framed man, or the overcompensating male. Ladies, this shop is a good fit for you too. A thumbs up to the creator Diablo Oxhall. This is a shop I encourage you to visit in world.

Where to Go:

Skankz Inc. – Shirt – Green Sweater

Boo for these fancy versions of brown! So I thought anyways. Last post I told you little darlings about two stores new to me that I love. Today’s post involves another little gem I found on the same sim. I had in my head stored away that I had taupe coming up, so I had been keeping an eye out on my SL adventures. I needed to only go further as the next store over and there sat Scars. Actually I almost missed it, because the way it is connected to the other shop I had assumed it was just a extension of the store I had been inside. This bizarre looking bunny caught my eye and then the store sign. Once I entered Scars I knew I was in fashion lust with the place. Scars is men’s fashion, but I am sure some items can pass as unisex.  You women get all the fashion breaks in the past, but with creators like Sin Knoller, fashion for the male is making leaps and bounds.

My shirt and pants come from this amazing store. For the pants, I was immediately drawn to the Check Pants. The sculpty cuffs are really some of the best I have seen. You can attach the suspenders, or go without. The cuffs took some adjustment for me and there is no resize script, but it was well worth the effort. I love the way these look on my avatar. The shirt is the Smooth Drape Cutsaw. The prim sleeves are absolutely outstanding and fit seamlessly. There are two versions of the neckline and it offers a unique twist on this top. Personally, I have not seen another design like it. This store is a must visit. Oh, and if you join their group, and find the little side room, you can get a Michael Jackson shoulder pet! How epic is that?

Where to go:

Scars – Pants & Shirt – Check Pants Brown & Smooth Drape Cutsaw Black

Indigo is the color this time and it inspired not only a look, but also caused me to remember one of my favorite songs by Peter Murphy: Indigo Eyes. “With gray desire, he looks out mad. His soft gray indigo eyes…Indigo eyes asking…”. You should totally YouTube the song right now. Now at first look, you may think I just look patriotic with this combo, but really, it’s fashion freedom.  This is an incredible color, but mainly because it exposed me to two new stores. New to me for clarification.

I found a store called Adjunct during a random search. First, let me say what a beautiful sim. I roamed the store and my eyes caught the Fruition Scarf. I had to have it and decided to build the look around this simple scarf. Digging deeper into the store, I did find that I could have completed the outfit in full and had just about made up my mind. The Tipped Trousers are jizz worthy. I always worry about pants with prim parts and how they will look without photoshop. These prim  parts line up almost flawless and I did not have to adjust at all. These seem to be better suited for the slim fit guy. I am not sure at all how they would look on the Meathead Avatars, but it would be worth checking out. Adjunct is a very clean looking store and I loved just about everything I saw inside.
Per usual, when I find a store I really like, I must explore the sim. The entire sim is full of incredible shopping. My look changed quickly as I stepped into Soren Jaakobs. I purchased a few items, but I found the Porter Vest and knew it would complete this indigo look. The vest is simple with no prim attachments, and guess what? It doesn’t need prims to look high quality. I love the texture and how it fits my avatar. This creator is worth a look my little darlings.

Where to go:
Adjunct – Scarf – Fruition Scarf Snow Angel

Soren Jaakobs – Vest – Porter Vest Charn

Adjunct – Pants – Tipped Trousers Blue Red

Oh em gee how I really dislike brown. 😦 There are many things in the world associated with the color brown/sienna, or whatever. Can you tell I am not up for this one? OK, so when I think of brown I think of Indian Casinos, polyester, and poop. My mind is a very strange place. I could have blogged half a dozen sienna items in Second Life that might have been nice, but I chose to just plug in the word “sienna” to Marketplace. There was not much to choose from, so I picked a complete outfit from Rager Karu. I was very disappointed with this set. The only prim attachment that came with it was an 80’s style collar to the jacket that was so large and overcompensating it reminded me of male strippers in SL. I had to adjust it down quite a bit. The t-shirt that is built into the ensemble says “Blow Kisses Not Coke”. Hmm ok how about blow me! For the price of this outfit, I would not recommend the store to any fashion savvy individual. In all fairness I will say the creator did not ask me to blog this item, so it is a bit mean spirited of me to bash his clothing. I almost feel bad…almost.

Where NOT to go:

Rager Karu – Outfit – Blow Brown

When I think of most the colors I see in Second Life, I think that perhaps black, red, and silver may be the easiest to find. The silver week of color I decided to challenge myself to finding an outfit from stores I had never shopped at before. What is the fun in shopping at the safe, known stores many of us frequent? If the wildest thing you do in life is live on the edge during your virtual shopping experience, I truly feel sorry for you. Now on with the show…

My first stop was a shop I had never been to, or heard of named Prodigal. Seems the main thing they sell are really muscular male skins. Sorry ladies none for you! There are a few clothing items and I found a most excellent shirt called GL Monogram Shirt. This is a shirt that has a wind blown look in how it lays open and really shows off the chesticles. The texture is a little shiny that gives me silk feel and being Italian I freakin’ love that look. The only complaint I have is the prim attachments do not have re-size scripts and I had to do a bit of adjusting to make them fit my avatar. However, the effort was worth it given the quality of the clothing. You will see me blog this store again in the near future.

The pants were also found at a store that was completely unknown to me. I wandered into S&S Shop. The theme on some of the items in this store remind me of BDSM. Do not ask me why, or how. It is just the feel I got as I was in the store. This is also an Italian themed store. So, if you like Italian designers, you will like this store. I got the Party Collection  Silver Metal pants. These are really nice and there totally is a party in my pants as I type this blog. The funny feature about these pants is that they actually come with attachments to make the pant legs bling! I am not wearing that part, but I am telling you if I went anyplace in SL around my peeps wearing blinging pant legs…heads would turn. Not always a good thing! Overall, I really do like S&S Shop, so another you will see me blog in the future.

Where to go:

*Prodigal* – Shirt – GL Monogram Shirt Silver

S&S Shop – Pants – Party Collection Silver Metal Pants